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Bonny G. Smith is from Miami, Florida, where she lived until moving to the Washington, DC metropolitan area at the age of 13. Living in close proximity to the Smithsonian Institution and its many museums awakened a lifelong interest in history. Ms. Smith majored in Business at the University of Maryland, and minored in history, both Ancient and Medieval. After spending a lifetime reading history, biography and historical fiction, Ms. Smith decided to write her own novels about her favorite era, Tudor England; The Tudor Chronicles will consist of a trilogy of novels, starting in the early sixteenth century and ending in 1603. Living in the Washington DC area also piqued an interest in criminology and justice; the result is Ms. Smith’s Detective/Police/Crime novels. The Interpol Series traces the lives of two Interpol agents, who pursue a different crime in every book. Other books by Ms. Smith include a coming-of-age novella set in steamy 1960s Miami, and a book of macabre short stories. Ms. Smith began writing in 2003 while still employed full time as a Certified Project Manager for several major corporations. She is now a full-time writer since retiring from a career in global telecommunications. She holds baccalaureate and masters degrees from the University of Maryland. Ms. Smith lives in the Washington, DC area, in the United States of America. Ms. Smith is the author of six novels and a book of short stories, across four literary genre.


Her passion for history led Ms. Smith to research the centuries of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly the Tudor era from 1485 to 1603. The five books of The Tudor Chronicles are the captivating result: The Nymph from Heaven tells the story of possibly the most famous love triangle of all time, the results of which still ring down the centuries to us today; that of Henry VIII, Katharine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. This intriguing story is juxtaposed with the fascinating tale of Henry’s younger sister, Mary Tudor, a royal princess who falls in love with a poor knight and is determined, against all odds, to marry him. The second book in the series, The Baker’s Daughter, continues the saga with the story of Queen Mary Tudor, Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragon’s star-crossed and unfortunate daughter. How did a sweet, beautiful princess, the apple of her father’s eye from birth, become the tyrant who became known as Bloody Mary? Mary’s tragic tale is told with an objectivity, sympathy and understanding that is reflected in the title of the book; the discontent of the English people with Mary’s proposed match with the Spaniard, King Philip of Spain, was cruelly expressed in a broadsheet circulating London at the time of Mary’s ill-fated marriage: “The baker’s daughter, in her russet gown; better than Queen Mary without her crown.” The third book in the series, In High Places, continues the chronology of the Tudor era with the gripping tale of Elizabeth I and her lifelong adversary, fellow queen and cousin, the enigmatic Mary, Queen of Scots. This Mighty Realm, the fourth book of The Tudor Chronicles, tells the story of Elizabeth’s life after Mary’s execution until her death in 1603. This Mighty Realm will be fifth and final book in The Tudor Chronicles. This prequel takes the reader back to the founding of the Tudor Dynasty. This Mighty Realm is in progress and the publication date is to be determined. The first three books of the The Tudor Chronicles is now available as a virtual box set for purchase on Amazon.


In contrast, Ms. Smith also has a keen interest in global crime. This interest resulted in the two full-length novels of The Interpol Series. The Heart of the Dragon tells the story of Eleanor and Victoria Robinson, two American tourists vacationing in Hong Kong who are abducted by evil human traffickers and sold into White Slavery. Their disappearance leads two Interpol agents, Gabe Benson and Nasih Kubasi, on a frantic global search for the missing women. From the Far East to Morocco, the agents always seem to be one step behind in their desperate attempt to rescue the Robinsons from the horrific reality that is Human Trafficking and the global sex trade. The Heart of the Dragon is now available for purchase on Amazon. The second book in the series, The Seven Diamonds, is the story of Emily Stewart, a young nurse who is raped by seven Oxford medical students. Denied justice, she seeks her own revenge. Emily’s quest for vengeance takes her around the world, with Gabe and Nasih in her wake. Will they stop her before she finds and kills all the men who raped her? This tragic tale of an unlikely global serial killer reaches its exciting climax in Rio de Janeiro. The Seven Diamonds is now available for purchase on Amazon. The third novel in The Interpol Series, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, is in progress; publication date to be determined at this time.


Ms. Smith has also written a coming-of-age novel in the genre of Women’s Fiction, Only the Heart Knows Why. It is the story of a young girl growing up in steamy, exotic 1960s Miami. Norah Jane Edwards becomes the unwitting weapon of both parents in their bitter divorce struggle. Only the Heart Knows Why is a story of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Through an ironic twist of fate, Norah Jane prevails in the human chess game that she has been forced to play as a mere pawn. Through abandonment, cruelty, loneliness, an attempted kidnapping, a devastating hurricane, sexual abuse and fire, Norah Jane rises like a phoenix to soar above the ashes of her young life and start again.


The Secret Lives of Inanimate Objects: Thirteen Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre was written as a labor of love; Ms. Smith wrote these stories for her mother who, suffering from senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, could not remember between reading sessions what book was being read to her, or where she was in the story. She had always enjoyed macabre fare, from Edgar Allen Poe to The Twilight Zone, so these slightly twisted tales, which span Science Fiction, the supernatural, fantasy, time travel and murder with a twist, were just what the doctor ordered. These stories were written for a very personal reason, but Ms. Smith now wants to share these remarkable stories with everyone.