The Tudor Chronicles:


The Nymph from Heaven (Book One: 1501-1533)

Almost everyone knows that King Henry VIII of England had six wives and two daughters, but few realize that he also had two sisters. Both of King Henry’s sisters became queens through dynastic marriages, but their fates were very different. Margaret, King Henry’s elder sister, became Queen of Scotland, while Mary, his younger sister, became Queen of France. The Nymph from Heaven is a historical novel based on the life of Henry’s younger sister, Mary Tudor. Mary, not to be confused with her niece, “Bloody” Mary, graced the stage of European politics for only a few short years, but her story is a fascinating one. Born a beautiful princess into Tudor England in the late Middle Ages, Mary’s hand was sought in marriage from the age of three. But bound to duty by her high position, Mary knew that any match arranged for her would almost certainly take her out of England for marriage with a stranger in a foreign land. But Mary falls in love with a poor English knight, and is determined to marry him. Through many trials and tribulations, and against all odds, Mary marries her one true love. But the price may prove too high. The poignant prequel to Queen Mary Tudor's sad story, The Nymph from Heaven is now available for sale on Amazon in both eBook and Print on Demand!

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The Baker’s Daughter (Book Two: 1533-1558)

The Baker's Daughter is the story of Queen Mary Tudor, Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragon’s ill-fated and unfortunate daughter. How did a sweet, beautiful princess, the apple of her father’s eye from birth, become the fearsome tyrant known as Bloody Mary? Mary’s tragic tale is told with an objectivity, sympathy and understanding that is reflected in the title of the book; the discontent of the English people with Mary’s proposed match with the Spaniard, King Philip of Spain, was cruelly expressed in a broadsheet circulating London at the time of Mary’s ill-fated marriage: “The baker’s daughter, in her russet gown; better than Queen Mary without her crown.”

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In High Places (Book Three: 1558-1587)

In High Places is the story of the epic power struggle between Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I of England, two queens, two cousins, two rivals, whose story has fascinated generations for almost five hundred years. But two queens could hardly have been more different. Mary, beautiful and headstrong, ruled with her heart, while Elizabeth, highly intelligent, clever and sly, ruled with her head. When Mary is forced to flee Scotland, she makes a fateful decision and crosses the border into England. And thus began almost two decades of imprisonment at her cousin’s hands, and which resulted in her execution. The story of Elizabeth and Mary is not only fascinating history, it is a cautionary tale for the use…or abuse…of great power.

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This Mighty Realm (Book Four: 1587-1603)

This Mighty Realm is the fifth and final installment in The Tudor Chronicles. This prequel takes the reader back to the founding of the Tudor Dynasty. This Mighty Realm is in progress and the publication date is to be determined.