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The Secret Lives of Inanimate Objects – Thirteen Tales of Murder, Mystery & the Macabre

There is nothing quite like settling down in a cozy chair in front of the fireplace with a good book. But now picture yourself curled up in a cabin by a lake with a thunderstorm raging outside. Branches rattle at the windows. The wind howls like a banshee through chinks in the walls, Lightning throws macabre flashes of blue-white light onto unfamiliar objects in the room, making them seem menacing. On such a night, what you need is not the latest romance novel or self-help book, but The Secret Lives of Inanimate Objects: Thirteen Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre. These tales span several genres, including the supernatural, science fiction, time travel, fantasy and murder with a twist; but they all have one thing in common. They are bizarre. Each story pulls the reader into a different dimension where things happen that are just plain weird. There is an overwhelming feeling at the conclusion of each story that we are glad it all happened to someone else. Thirteen Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre is slated for Spring 2018 publication!